The Course

What Will You Learn in a Hypnobirthing Class?

One of the greatest resources you will have in your class will be the experienced instruction of your certified Hypnoirthing Practitioner. Hypnobirthing Practitioners are highly qualified birthing professionals who have distinguished themselves through education, experience, motivation, and dedication to the principles and philosophy of Hypnobirthing and mother-directed birthing. Additionally, each must meet the requirements as set down by the Executive Board of the Hypnobirthing Institute. The hypnosis scripts on their own are only as effective as you are in utilizing them, and your ability to do so is greatly increased by participating in a group class with an experienced instructor. Self-taught hypnosis programs are available from other sources, but the Hypnobirthing method of Practitioner-directed education, allowing for interaction, answering questions and sharing of experiences can be more much effective than a self-study course.

Building a positive expectancy

  • Introduction to the remarkable Hypnobirthing philosophy.
  • Whats wrong with labour/ How fear affects labour and the uterine muscles.
  • Why and how you can have an easier, and more comfortable, safer birth.
  • How nature perfectly designed womens bodies to birth/ How the uterus works.
  • How to assist rather than resist, your natural birthing instincts.
  • The vocabulary for calm and gentle birthing.
  • Visualizing gentle births by viewing beautiful, inspirational birthing videos.
  • Hypnosis and deep relaxation/creating positive birthing outcomes.

Falling in love with your baby

  • Pre-natal bonding /post natal bonding techniques
  • The remarkable mind of the new born baby

Selecting a care giver and birthing environment

  • What questions to ask.
  • Knowing your options/rights.

Preparing your mind and body

  • Calm breathing technique.
  • Visualisation for optimal birth positioning.
  • Progressive relaxation/Depthometer/Sensory gate valve/Time distortion/Disappearing letters.
  • Birth companions role in labour.
  • Birth companions deepening script.
  • Routine.
  • Positions for relaxation and birthing.
  • Facial relaxation.
  • Preparing your body for birthing with massage and toning.
  • Releasing limiting thoughts assignment.
  • Light touch massage technique.

Birth preferences

  • Pre-admission and hospital admission.
  • Preparing birth preference sheets.
  • Surge breathing technique.
  • Breech presentation.
  • When baby is nearly due/looking at your due date.
  • Birth rehearsal imagery.
  • Special circumstances that require the attention of a caregiver.
  • Avoiding artificial induction of labour and achieving a natural start to labour.
  • Prelude to labour.
  • Hallmarks of labour.
  • Your body working with you and for you.
  • Releasing negative emotions, fears and limiting thoughts/ Shanti script.
  • Arriving at hospital.

An overview of birthing - A labour of love

  • Onset of labour-thinning and opening phase
  • Settling in at the hospital/birthing centre. Home birth preparation.
  • Birth explained simply/ Pelvic station.
  • Birthing prompts
  • Birth companions guide/ what to ask and when of caregivers.
  • Birth breathing technique.

If labour slows or rests

  • Review of misconceptions.
  • Options/ companions prompts and activities.
  • Natural measures to re-start labour.
  • Important questions for birth companion to protect natural birthing.

Birth-Breathing love-bringing life

  • Positions during decent and birthing.
  • Breathing baby down to birth.
  • Baby moves to the breast.
  • Family bonding.

Hull hypnobirthing

What's included in the cost?

  • The cost for a group session is £200
  • Private sessions are £290
  • Classes are held in a comfy, cosy environment, in small groups of up to three couples. Come and relax on sofas, with soft candle lit lighting for additional relaxation.
  • The official Hypnobirthing handbook
  • Relaxation CD's
  • Folder containing all the information you need including birth preference forms etc.
  • Free private hypnotherapy sessions if needed for previous birth trauma or current phobias eg. blood, hospitals etc.
  • Ongoing support and advice for mum and dad throughout your pregnancy and beyond as needed.
  • I am a trained BabyCalm and ToddlerCalm teacher and always happy to help with any issues that may arise as your little one grows.
  • Free breast feeding support after birth.
  • Free mini pamper, which can include a facial, hand and arm massage or foot and lower leg massage. All using Weleda 100% natural products.
  • Free relaxation session after you finish the course.
  • Mum and baby meet ups to enjoy a cuppa and chat whilst the babies/toddlers play.