A positive induced birth by Alice & Dan


Baby Nathaniel 4lb 15oz
It was just amazing, both Dan and I were really blown away by how well the birth went!
Here is our story…. Baby got flagged as being small at 34 weeks. This meant extra scans and checks on fluid levels and cord. It timed quite nicely as I got put on furlough at this point, so no work stress, just off having some lovely quality time with Elkie and Dan. So cord and fluid week 35 fine! My BP was a bit high but they were not too worried. Week 36, baby is still below, but on track from where he’d measured at week 34, so they were happy with this. Week 37, they checked back in at the cord and fluid….the blood flow through the cord was a bit strained. My BP is still high. Therefore, they decide they want to induce labour. I was a bit emotional, but I’d done it before and just wanted to make sure baby was safe and well. Not ideal that I’d just read the chapter on induction in the hypnobirthing book and how your body and baby probably are not ready, but in this case needs must. At 37+1 I went in to start the process with the balloon catheter. I’d really not wanted to, as this wasn’t great for me the first time, with my daughter’s birth, but the doctors explained it was far more effective the 2nd time as your body has gone through labour before. Glad I listened as the experience was much better! A few tightening’s started to happen; I had a lovely bath and listened to the CD and readings. Things then got regular quickly with surges lasting 40 seconds every 4 and a half minutes, but in the early evening the catheter fell out and everything stopped. They said I could go home and return the next day, which I opted to do (very glad I did, as I found out later that the ward was crazy busy and it was likely to be an awful night) The next day they put in a hormone strip. I didn’t realise I had to stay in at this point (doh), so Dan and Elks delivered my stuff at the entrance and I got a bed on Maple Ward. So there I was with the hormone strip, nothing really happening just very occasional twinges, but nothing like what I was experiencing with the balloon before it came out. The midwife was due to come and monitor me around 11.30pm, so I decided to pop for a pee before being tied up to equipment. Baby was very active, but that’s a good thing. As I stand up a few drops of blood appear on the floor and as I go out into the corridor I could feel more coming down my leg. The midwife was there so she gets me in the toilet and cleaned up and then rushes to get a monitor and a doctor. The baby is fine (phew!) and I’m a stretchy 3-4cms. There were concerns I may have ruptured, but my tummy was nice and soft, so they were happy with me to go into labour. I called Dan for him to come to the hospital and for my sister to prepare for Elks heading over. It all seemed to move crazy fast, as the next thing I’m on the labour ward and Dan arrives. It’s about 12.15. The midwife is lovely, she reads through our birth and picks out the bits we’re still able to do. I’m getting quite regular surges at this point so really concentrate on my breathing, Dan was doing an amazing job of counting me through them and stroking my tummy. The midwife manages to monitor me in a comfy position on my side (last time my coccyx killed, so really wanted to avoid that this time) I asked if I would need the drip, she thinks things are happening well naturally, the doctor however wants me on a drip but she gets him to agree to let me go for a couple of hours, see how things progress, then look to review. She says my breathing and coping is brilliant. She then breaks my waters to help move things along, not sure what time this was done, but the surges definitely intensified! I just concentrated more and really focused on the fact that each one was bringing us closer to meeting our baby. Just after 2am, the midwife gets another midwife to come and check how things are going. Our original midwife goes to get something and I start surge breathing, but then get an overwhelming urge to push. I tell the midwife but she says to just hold off until the other midwife returns. She comes back moments later. I tell her and she’s says just do what my body tells me. My next surge hits. Really struggling to big breath as just want to push. I push. I’m still on my side at this point, but panic a little so flip on my back. I keep pushing; she looks and says she can see the head… Dan genuinely thought she was joking!! She tells me to hold off slightly to avoid tearing… I manage to stop. Then one last tiny push and there he was! Just like that! 2.16am! Just incredible!! No tearing or cutting, I ended up with a graze which I’m sure is very minor! Dan was in total shock! We both were really.
Straight on for skin to skin and Dan told me he was a boy
Placenta took a bit longer, but the midwife advised I get on the commode and it came eventually too.
Honestly Sandra, it was just such an amazing experience! I didn’t think it would be possible what with having to get induced, but all the practices still did such a lot for us and made it better than we could have hoped for! I really want to do it loads more, alas practicality wise, we’re done at 2.However any of my friends who get pregnant will 100% be getting recommended over to hypnobirthing , to yourself specifically of course. We really cannot thank you enough xxx

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