Natalie & Liam


Beautiful 1st birth

Where do I start? Sandra was an absolute blessing to our first incredible birthing story. The content, knowledge, power and positive mental space we took from her course was second to none. We 1000% believe she’s the reason we achieved our dream birth we always hoped for. She goes above and beyond. Always just a phone call away for additional help and support aside from the course too which is also a blessing; so supportive and helpful. My waters broke at 4pm. We of course phoned Sandra! We stayed at home for as long as possible with other advice from her, enjoying and smiling through each contraction! We left for the allam suite around 11pm. With using only the techniques of hypnobirthing and gas and air we achieved as the midwives noted it ‘a beautiful water birth’ at 2am delivering our beautiful daughter into the world. Who again from such a calming birthing atmosphere Isla was a very chilled, happy, content baby from the start and has continued to be so over a year on! We’ve recommended Sandra to many of our friends already and have just started the refresher course with her for our second baby in hope we can achieve the same birthing story all over again You feel so powerful and uplifted with everything you learn on her course. Knowledge is absolutely power. It also heavily involves dad too which was so lovely that we learnt and grew together. We really enjoyed learning how your birthing partner can help in huge ways and have such a great impact on the birth! We both couldn’t have been in a better mental head space and more prepared for the birth. Genuinely worth every penny and I will continue to recommend my friends to her! Thanks Sandra xx

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