One of the best days of our lives



“One of the best days of our lives”

Just wanted to let you know that our beautiful baby boy arrived safely!Hugo was born on Friday 29/7/22 at 13.03 weighing 8lbs 1oz. We are both doing amazingly well.We had a wonderful labour. It was perfect. It honestly was one of the best days of our lives. A final year student midwife reported that she ‘had never seen anything quite like it’ and the junior Sister Midwife thanked me for a wonderful shift!I had a wonderful water birth and I delivered Hugo myself with him still in his membrane. We used our hypnobirthing scripts & breathing, clary sage, frankincense & lavender oils, and the whole experience was very calming. I got into the pool about an hour before he was born & that was so soothing. After initial crying from Hugo we had the magical first hour together just feeding & Hugo continues to be a very chilled placid baby! As the birthing centre was quiet, they actually gave us about 4 hours of time together in total. Active labour only lasted 2 hours, but I was pretty uncomfortable from late the evening before – still slept – and managed to bake chocolate brownies (I’d promised my Son!) whilst in labour in the morning!This was all after a really really sad traumatic event last Wednesday. Sadly, our cat – she really was more than a cat to us, she meant everything to us – suddenly developed a blood clot causing irreversible paralysis from the waist down on Wednesday morning. Her prognosis was not good & she was in a great deal of pain so we had to quickly make the decision to put her to rest. We are devastated. However, remarkably I was still able to sink into deep relaxation during the labour. Honestly, this experience really tested hypnobirthing for me & it is remarkable. Labour would have been an entirely different story for us I think with the trauma we endured before hand. We did have to change the scripts slightly & replace the word ‘baby’ with ‘him’ & also ask the midwives to refrain from saying baby – I used to call our cat ‘baby girl’ & hearing baby just broke the relaxation for me. But your sessions & teaching gave me the confidence to recognise that & request that in our birth plan.Thank you so much for the classes & all of the advice you gave us. It would be lovely to visit you for baby cuddles & a cuppa if that would be ok with you.

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