Our Birth Story by Sarah & John

My first son, Corban was born in York District Hospital. We then moved to Beverley when I was 17 weeks pregnant. We decided we would like a home birth as Corban would only be 14 months old and we really didn’t want to go into hospital and leave him. I heard about HypnoBirthing and found Sandra’s details and we took the HypnoBirthing course which helped to confirm that home birth really was the right choice for us

With Corban I seemed to take a long time getting into established labour from the early signs. Any mum that labours like this knows how tiring it is as sleep becomes limited. I really hoped this time it would be different but it turned out to be similar. My due date was 29/10/2011 but he had other ideas. On Monday 31st I started with slight dilation pangs and by the following day they were about one an hour, by Tuesday teatime they were becoming like regular aches, I just relaxed and watched television and went to bed early. During the night I had to get up a few times to soak in the bath to ease the aches in my back. On the Wednesday I just relaxed all day, not really feeling like doing anything as I was tired due to lack of sleep. By the night I was really tired and getting a bit panicky that I wouldn’t have the energy to birth if it went on much longer. I asked John to time the surges but he kept falling asleep and so did I in between them. Every time I woke it was to see John face down and the stop watch still running. I practised the breathing techniques and went for a bath. I stayed in the bath for the rest of the night then at about 5ish I woke John and asked him to reheat the water in the pool. John then rushed about removing some of the cold water from the pool and refilling it with warm. I relaxed back on the sofa and asked for some paracetamol as the tiredness and back ache was getting to me a bit. I got in the pool at 6.45 and we rang for the midwives. My surges were only every ten minutes but I wanted someone there to confirm that this was the real thing as I wasn’t sure he was on the way.

My waters released at 7.15 and the first midwife arrived at 7.30. Just as she came through the door I felt a strong surge and the pressure of his head and I realised he was coming. As I didn’t want any involvement or coaching unless it was necessary I didn’t mention I was that close and the midwife settled down to do her paperwork. John was also busy at this point as Corban had got up and John was warming his milk. I leaned forward in the pool and relaxed until the next one came. All was calm and I felt in total control. Then two more surges and I slowly breathed his head out, with no pain or stinging. I took a breath and said “his head is out” John and the midwife raced over and I breathed out his body. When he came up out of the water he cried a bit and was put on my chest. His big brother, who was laid on the sofa drinking his milk looked over and smiled. It was the most perfect moment.

Rowan was born on 3/11/2011 weighing8lb 3 1/2oz He is a really happy, chilled baby.

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