Sarah’s Birthing Experience

July 2018

I first met Sandra in 2017 when I wanted to try hypnotherapy for flying. The relaxation techniques she taught me alongside using music and a scent worked amazingly and I went onto have the best flight I’d had in many years! I knew from this, that I would love to use hypnobirthing for my second baby.

We attended the course privately as I felt this would give me the best opportunity to relax and ask the questions I wanted to based on my previous birth experience. It felt very personal and gave me a lot of knowledge in preparation for the birth particularly around feeding and giving birth unassisted. My first was a forceps delivery and I was very keen to avoid it second time round!

Sandra gave examples of birth plans and we discussed this during the sessions but she also looked over a draft. It was useful to look at the different stages and discussion was held around what was necessary but also what I could have a choice over.

When I went into labour the techniques I had been taught were invaluable in keeping me calm, relaxed and empowered. Due to medical reasons, I was admitted fairly early and unable to have a water birth. Sandra had taught us to ask questions, take time to make decisions and what to do when things didn’t quite go to plan – our daughter certainly had different ideas to us!

I can only describe the birth as euphoric and empowering. I felt amazing and so proud. It wasn’t the birth I had in mind however it was the best I could have had! That was down to hypnobirthing. It gave me the energy and determination I needed to start breastfeeding which was something I had struggled so much with the first time. We’re still feeding 9 months later with no sign of stopping.

I would thoroughly recommend hypnobirthing and Sandra. It truly gave me the birth I wanted.


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