Shaun’s version of events

When Beck told me about hypnobirthing I was sceptical to say the least. I imagined a hippy with candles, incense sticks and whale music making us do bizarre things. By the end of the first session I realised that Sandra was not like this. It was not all about being hypnotised. Sandra told us about the practical aspects of childbirth and what to expect (she also gave us the best chocolate biscuits I have ever tasted). I tried the relaxation techniques and while I didn’t feel some of them worked for me I could see how much they worked for Becka. I began to realise that to have a baby you didn’t have to have medical intervention.

The most useful thing I got from the sessions was knowing what to expect when Becka went into labour. I wasn’t the one who had to give birth so I can’t say whether the hypnobirthing worked or not. What I can say is that that everything went to plan and Becka seemed to know exactly what she was doing. I would also say that if we have another baby we will be going back to Sandra again for a refresher.

I’d tell other sceptical Dads to give it a go!

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