Terri’s birth story

After having no idea what Kind of birth I wanted a friend who was also pregnant suggested hypnobirthing. I went along to a taster session with Sandra and straight away felt so much happier about everything and the whole idea of giving birth. A water birth had never crossed my mind. But after watching some videos of them With Sandra, I knew this was what I wanted.
I started the course around 25 weeks which gave me lots of time to practice the breathing and relaxation techniques. The weeks with Sandra made me feel so much more confident. She filled me with so much knowledge of how to relax, stay calm and stay in control!! She made me aware it is my body, my baby and everything was in my power. I had a birth plan and almost everything went to plan! I had the best birth I could have wished for and such a calm happy baby! I believe strongly that the fact I only used gas and air, played a massive part in how calm my baby has been from the minute she was born.
I have stayed in contact with Sandra since the birth and she has been there for me with lots of help and advice. I would recommend anyone considering hypnobirthing or anyone who is unsure of what type of birth they want or who just wants lots of information on anything related to labour and giving birth to go and see Sandra!! Best thing I could have done and for my partner too, as he learnt skills to help me relax and what to do when I needed him to speak up for me!

Thank you for everything Sandra
Love Terri, David and Minnie

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